The soil

The humus, that during the time has been created on the sandy soil, is particularly right for vegetables, whose cultivation is now the prevalent activity, in particular in the land around Lusia, and rational irrigation and a dense network of canals are an advantage for it. The aquifer is maintained constant till a meter under the surface, and this fact is important because it makes possible to cultivate vegetable during every season.

Terreno di Lusia

The salads

In 2009 for Cappuccia and Gentile arrived the European IGP acknowledgment that certificate them quality.The IGP salads are commercialized in confections with only one variety, that must be shown with all the characteristics and values expected by “disciplinare”. The top of the packaging is covered with a sheet that make the product transpiring and that let it admire. The annual production is estimated around 15.000 tons ( 2012 ). Lusia IGP salad, easy to recognized!